Hi everyone,

I’m posting this in here because it seems that the discussion area has been spam attacked.  Isabella is going to have the strabismus surgery on the 14th this month, this is her first invasive surgery so i’m a bit anxious.  Has anyones kids gone thru this, if so can you let me know you experience pre-post surgery?  Thank you sooooo much. 


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  1. M says:

    No experiences? 🙁

  2. Heather (Frankie's mom) says:

    Are you on Facebook? Both Michelle Woodward Gainey and Amy Siegel Hauck have been through it with their kids and could offer you some advice. If you don’t know them and want their email addresses and/or phone numbers, send me a message at hkwhite1115 @ gmail dot com, and I will get them to you.

  3. Hannah Cordill says:

    Riley has gone through strabismus surgery twice. The first time, they corrected both eyes. They tightened outer muscles and loosened inner muscles. The results for her right eye were great and still two years later is perfect. She went through a correction surgery a second time with her left eye a year and a half later and now, another year and a half, it is still doing well. It is very common that the first surgery will over or under correct the problem and a second surgery is often needed. Riley did well with the surgery, it was very quick and healed easily. Hope it all goes well.

  4. Jeff Clear says:

    Our daughter Addisyn (3yrs, 1mo) just had this procedure done last Tuesday without issue. The left eye was adjusted in by 8 degrees by addressing the outter muscle. We chose to do only one eye addressing the worst first and see how the alinment goes. The procedure was no longer that 20 min and recovery was very fast. We had expected more irritation and discomfort from Addisyn – but she bounced back within a few hours of the procedure and returned to school two days later.

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