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March 27, 2017 by

Sophia taught me this from the beginning of knowing her spirit in my womb.  Of course, then, we did everything…together.  Now it takes more purposeful focused attention to detail.  Here’s my latest understanding “of getting” Phia, by listening to her words and by participating with her actions. “Shopping, Mom? Go shop?”  She saw the shopping […]

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It’s our 4th year celebrating WHS Awareness, with the world, on this Halloween Event!  Our Lil’ Mermaid, her character shimmers so bright.  She hit land and made a splash, with her fun size love.  Last few years we captured her saying, “Trick or Treat” and it is sweeter than Halloween candy.  She believes you get […]

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Many times, as I encounter (or Sophia encounters) another friend, they often declare how she has touched their soul and I’m reminded of the miracle in Sophia’s giving heart. Our “new” friend will quickly tell me how lovely and amazing she is and how she gives her all, in all she does. I smile and […]

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We were going to skip ‘trick or treating’ this Halloween, until… I saw the angel costume…(The Christmas Pageant Angel, from my childhood, was flooding through my mind.) Oh, how lovely! As I was slipping it back on the rack, between the sweet princess and scary witch costumes, I noticed the detailed wings AND adorable halo. […]

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Crazy Good.

January 7, 2014 by

I’ve mentioned before about Sophia’s persistent personality .  When she wants something… stay out of her way, she is going to get it. She can say, “NOW, Mom” and she means it! This is can be an act of defiance or an attribute.  Mostly, with WHS children, I’ve found it’s an attribute.   When Sophia says […]

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Purple to Orange

October 31, 2013 by

As I go to unpack, another file box, from our recent move.  There it is.  I pull out the purple (“puhpo”, as Sophia would say) folder. As I open the stuffed folder that holds all the information given to us about Sophia’s diagnosis, last year, I’m silent and still.  That hard-to-swallow feeling is back in […]

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