Hard to know quite where the time goes, but earlier this week our (not so) little Mia turned 12.

Mia remains well and is growing feistier and more sassy by the day! She still wears a spinal brace but is booked in for surgery later in the year to hopefully correct her scoliosis and do away with the need for the brace. It’s a major procedure that will involve fusing her vertebrae with metal rods, but the long term prognosis is good and we’re confident it will reap multiple benefits for Mia’s long term mobility and general wellbeing.

Not much else to share by way of an update, other than a few pics of the birthday girl with her haul of pressies.

Best wishes from Scotland, and I hope 2023 brings health and happiness for you all.


3 Responses to Mia turns 12

  1. Emilyfern says:

    Happiest 12th Birthday Mia! It looks like you had a lovely birthday!

  2. Tanya Brundage says:

    Happy birthday beautiful!

  3. MichaelMarini says:

    Happy Birthday Mia 🙂 That’s a pretty delicious looking cake. I’m kind of jealous. Good luck with your surgery. I’m sure it will go well.

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