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Arin feeding update

June 24, 2011 by

Well I am writing this posting after Arin and I have returned home from her first hospital admission for the start of her NG tube feedings. Her GI doc did not like how little she was actually taking in a day- enough to sustain life but not enough for good growth and development so he […]

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It’s Been A While!

February 22, 2011 by

Rheyn has been growing like crazy these past few months. Not so much in weight gain (although he did finally hit 20 pounds, move up to size 4 diapers, AND 24 month clothes recently) but in so many other aspects, too.

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1 Year Later

May 29, 2009 by

One year after Kendall was diagnosed, we look back on all that happened during these 12 months…

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Kendall at 11 months

June 15, 2008 by

The result over the past few months has been beyond our expectation. Our goal was to get her to at least 16 lbs by her 1 year birthday.

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