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Hi everyone. I haven’t been checking the site so much lately but have really enjoyed catching up with all your stories just now. It has been a busy but fun few months for us, so I’ll try and fill you in with some of what we’ve been up to… Mia will be 9 months old […]

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Arin feeding update

June 24, 2011 by

Well I am writing this posting after Arin and I have returned home from her first hospital admission for the start of her NG tube feedings. Her GI doc did not like how little she was actually taking in a day- enough to sustain life but not enough for good growth and development so he […]

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The Oreo bag says “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” and Brodie apparently agrees. On Friday I picked up a bag and a couple new plastic bibs and a gallon of milk. After dinner I gave Brodie a glass of milk, half an oreo and watched him go to town. He takes directions really well now so that helps him learn some of these new tricks we practice. I’m thrilled I caught it all on video, the whole family has already seen it this weekend!

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Happy New Year

January 1, 2011 by

It seems that every year on New Year’s Eve Norrah declares to our family that she is indeed an overcomer and that we have lots to look forward to in the new year. Last year (12/31/2009) she surprised us by deciding to stand for the first time ever. Assisted standing was her New Year’s Eve […]

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Eve is 6 months!

September 16, 2010 by

Eve is 6 months old! YAY! Where to start? Eve’s health has been good, she is going well in the feeding department, she is taking around 130ml each feed, we have just increased her formula to 1 and 1/4 strength for some extra calories, she is tolerating this well.  We were pleased she finally hit […]

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This is a copy of a blogpost from our personal blog, KnowingNorrah (  Since so many WHS moms have asked me about Norrah’s diet I thought this was an important post to put on the Wolf-Hirschhorn Blog too! FYI: at most recent weigh-in our 20-month-old Norrah is 24+ pounds and 33 inches tall.  “To be […]

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