Hello everyone, my husband and I are planning on attending the convention in LA in July , does anyone have any info on that if so we would appreciate it so much. Thanks


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  1. Morgan says:

    You can find info. On the 4p- support group page:
    4p-support group.org

    We will not be attending this year, but would love to meet up since we are not far from you. I think someone sent you our contact info. – hope you didn’t try to contact and something go to my spam folder…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes. So happy you are planning on attending. We are one of the host families.Visit http://www.4p-supportgroup.org for more info including the conference agenda. Or reach out to me via email to secretary@4p-supportgroup.org. Felicia

  3. Nancy Bernhardt says:

    We are new grandparents to a child diagnosed with wolfhirschhorn and would like any information about this syndrome. I am not the best with email but if possible I would like information mailed to us: Mike & Nancy Bernhardt 318 Morton Drive Quincy, IL. 62305.
    Is there a news letter if so please send. If there is a cost let me know.

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