Throughout Vicki’s recent pregnancy we were frequently asked by friends, family and colleagues whether Mia was looking forward to becoming a big sister. In truth, it was hard for us to tell one way or another – at most she seemed indifferent to the whole affair and, despite us talking to her about the imminent arrival, outwardly at least, Mia remained oblivious.

It was, therefore, a moment of unforeseen rapture for all concerned when I brought Mia to the hospital to meet her new baby brother for the first time. There was no mistaking, from the moment she laid eyes on Finn, Mia was smitten.

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Others have posted about the positive impact that siblings can have and, for us, in the almost 3 months since Finn hit the scene we have definitely seen Mia’s nurturing side unfold. At any given opportunity she will shower her little brother with hugs, kisses and affection. As parents, it has been an absolute joy for us to witness and we can’t wait to see how they continue to help shape each other’s personalities and development.

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Mia will turn 3 in January, at which point Finn will be 6 months and almost certainly bigger than his ‘big’ sis, already there’s less than 2 pounds between them. Feeding has become one of our biggest challenges with Mia, she has recently started spitting out her food and will often refuse to eat or drink at mealtimes by turning her head away. We have a meeting later this month with Mia’s medical/developmental team to discuss the best way forward, including the possibility of a g-tube. While this is by no means a prospect we relish, equally we know it has been a positive turning point for many other kids with feeding issues so we’re keeping an open mind.

Feeding aside, Mia’s development continues on a slow and steady upwards trajectory. She will happily pivot and reach for toys and enjoys spending time in her standing frame, both at home and in nursery. She positively thrives on adult company and will attempt to engage anyone she can with increasing vocalisation or, more often, an endearing facial expression or gesture. Mia’s seizures remain well controlled, with scarcely a twitch this year and, as cold and flu season approaches, we are keeping our fingers crossed for an equally uneventful winter!

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4 Responses to And then we were four…

  1. Kristen Faccioli Licari says:

    How wonderful! Mia is beautiful and the love she has for her little brother, which is evident in the pictures, is touching. Sorry to hear about the recent feeding issues – we can certainly relate to that. Please keep us updated on how that unfolds. Are you and/or your wife on Facebook?

  2. Ross says:

    Thanks Kristen – I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how the feeding saga pans out.

    Yes, you can find both Vicki and me on Facebook.

  3. heather18 says:

    Wowza, Ross, how similar Mia and Fiona are sometimes. First, Fiona also has a new sibling! Her sister and she are exactly 2 years apart. Also–and more to the point–although we have been orally feeding Fiona 100%, she’s been really difficult to feed lately, has not kept up with her WHS curve, and so we’ve recently started wondering if we need a g-tube. We’re trying an appetite stimulant first, but I don’t think it’s helping all that much. Fiona continues to grow and change at her own pace–sounding much like Mia in progress. Please keep us posted on your decisions and process with Mia’s feeding. Do you have a sense of why she’s not eating as well now? I wish I knew Fiona’s reasons, but I’m also glad to know there’s a safe back-up plan in the form of the feeding tube if it’s necessary.

  4. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Congratulations on the arrival of baby brother Finn. It looks like Mia is comfortable in her new big sister role.

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