The Oreo bag says “Milk’s Favorite Cookie” and Brodie apparently agrees. On Friday I picked up a bag and a couple new plastic bibs and a gallon of milk. After dinner I gave Brodie a glass of milk, half an oreo and watched him go to town. He takes directions really well now so that helps him learn some of these new tricks we practice. I’m thrilled I caught it all on video, the whole family has already seen it this weekend! (Stay tuned for the video since it looks like Kevin will have to embed it for me).
I will add that Brodie is really delayed in feeding- we have a really difficult time progressing past 3rd stage foods, 2nd stage are STILL his favorite consistency after all this time and all this work. And he still has difficulty sometimes with Stage 3. He still drinks 5 bottles of Pediasure everyday to get the bulk of his calories. (We still use the haberman bottle because we cant sustain that volume of Pediasure with his sippy cup even though he can use a sippy cup for juice) We have a good therapist but for some reason Brodie really struggles, maybe partially because of his cleft palate that was repaired last June and he also has a very very tiny mouth. I don’t really know – I’m baffled most of the time. He is still unable to take pieces of bread or cottage cheese or mac and cheese unless its like water. However he begs to use the spoon by himself so we are practicing that. And he begs to feed himself with his fingers – the problem was that we couldn’t find any foods that he could handle both with his fingers AND with his mouth. So the oreos are perfect because they get soft instantly but still have a crunch so he can practice biting and chewing when he is ready. Also any advice is welcome if any of you had good success with any specific therapies for chewing or swallowing.

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  1. Jessica Aman says:

    I do not have any advice for swallowing. Tanner still gags on most stage 3 foods. We are actually adding speech therapy to Tanner’s schedule. So, I’m hoping they an help with his swallow.
    To be totally honest……it looks to me like Brodie is doing exceptionally well all around. I haven’t seen very many WH kids crawl at his age or be as responsive to direction like you say. The Oreo video is amazing!!!!! Keep doing what you are doing because he’s doing awesome. He’s one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen:)

  2. mihaela says:

    Denise never liked stage 3 foods. To this day she will gag on that consistency. In fact she prefers table food that dissolves in the mouth – she would munch on it and eventually swallow. We started with avocado chunks, tiny pieces of cheddar cheese, bits of cheese crackers, tiny bits of chocolate, ice cream. Her chewing is not great but it has deffinitely improved since last year and now she can handle pasta and some vegetables, even some nuts. But give her mashed potatoes or thick yogurt and she still gags. We have to try the Oreos, I’m curious to see if she would like them.

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