What seemed like a long time ago was just a few months. I posted the Top 10 Words and since then, Kendall has picked up a few more. Slowly, but surely we’re getting there with her speech. We still have a number of sounds to work on, but overall, she is responding well to verbal communications.

Here are the next 10 words/phrases that she’s been using on a regular basis:

1. I want More. This one has been mostly used at the dinner table in response to food. Although Kendall hasn’t really caught on to the whole chewing thing yet, she knows when she wants more.

2.  Hi Daddy. I was waiting for this one since “Mommy” was a regular thing around the house. Now, it’s great to hear her tell me hello, even if it’s me walking outside her door when she’s going down for a nap!

3. School. Kendall loves school and gets excited knowing that she’s ready to go do some learning.

4. Bus. And of course, when you go to school, you get to ride the bus. She’s really digging hanging out in the driveway with her backpack on waiting for the bus.

5. Shoes. You can’t go to school, outside, or in the basement without shoes. She is also associating shoes with bye-bye and I love you.

6. Bowl. This is a new one that goes hand in hand with eating. Eating can also be a play thing to do. Now we need to get that chewing started!

7. Spoon. You need a spoon to use with the bowl, right? Of course.

8. Baby. She is starting to attach herself to “baby” when going to sleep. It took a while for her to have a favorite toy. She’s almost there.

9. Please. It’s more like “peece”. But when she connects “up” and Please”, she can’t be denied…

10. Play. Although the true definition of playing is somewhat fuzzy, digging through cabinets, plants and closets are sometimes referred to as playing.

We see her progression with words and association coming along nicely. She’s quite the communicator these days!

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7 Responses to 10 More Words by Kendall…

  1. KevinO says:

    Oops! I counted “baby” twice!

  2. Mihaela says:

    Kendall, you rock!!
    So, when are we meeting?

  3. Shannon says:

    Yep, she’s amazing! I love hearing about the things Kendall’s saying and seeing pics of her cute ALWAYS SMILING face! Does she always have the huge adorable grin on her face?

  4. KevinO says:

    Yes, she is always smiling! She has the best attitude of any child I’ve ever met…

  5. Jeff clear says:

    Glad to hear the good news. We met awhile back in Chicago, I’m father of Addisyn Clear and husband to Peggy.

    Congrad’s again

  6. KevinO says:

    Hi Jeff. Good to hear from you. How is Addisyn doing?

  7. Ross Lennox says:

    This is fantastic Kevin! I remember reading some of your posts from not that long ago, before Kendall was speaking at all. It’s always a joy to hear how she’s progressing.

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