Happy New Year, folks!

Once again it has been too long… Life is busy, but all good.

Mia will turn 7 next week, she’s doing great and continuing to follow her own leisurely but steady developmental curve. We appear to have broken the back of winter without any major illness and Mia’s epilepsy, thankfully, remains very well controlled, to the point we tried weaning her off Keppra until she started getting a bit twitchy, at which stage we just reverted back to the previous dose.

Over the past couple of months she has started showing a keener interest in food and will now feed herself rice cakes and other soft snacks. Like so many things with our kids, this new development came pretty much out of the blue, but it’s great so see and allows Mia to participate more actively in family mealtimes.

Mia had been on growth hormone for almost three years and it really seemed to benefit her general strength and tone. However, in May last year her levels were reading on the high side and a decision was taken to stop the injections – we have seen no apparent negative side effects.

In terms of major milestones, Mia has been making great strides over the past year or so with her Kaye walker – and will now quite happily toddle round the mall, supermarket or museum, making her own independant choices about where she wants to go and who she’d like to engage with (which is pretty much anyone, to be fair).

I’m sure some of you may have seen the Facebook post from last September, where Mia made the local headlines by completing the Great Scottish Run Toddler Dash and stealing the hearts of the Glasgow crowd – a very proud day for us all.

All the best for 2018!


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