20140907_155902 20141004_174115 20141021_111545 20141029_193329 20141101_124441Hello everyone my name is Vanessa Medina and my husband’s name is Renn. I gave birth to my precious daughter Arianna Faith Medina on 9/4/14. She was diagnosed with WHS after an amnio was performed in July to try and check why she was so small. I was hospitalized at 25 weeks due to a blood clot in my placenta and severe IUGR. Arianna was born weighing 4 pounds and  17 inches long at 36 weeks. She spent 18 days in the NICU. She did a lot better than expected. She did have right side pneumothorax and was on a respirator for a few days. She is feeding well and is drinking about 3 oz with 3/4 tsp of rice cereal. Her pediatrician recommended the cereal due to her significant reflux. It has been a very busy month with appts with hematology, neurology, nephrology (due to her small kidneys), cardiology (she had a pfo and pda which seemed to have closed now and only has a murmur), genetics and physical therapy. She has a follow up with ophthalmology in December. So we will have a busy few months but it is all worth it.

She just turned 2 months old today and we could not be happier. Of course when they told us her diagnosis we were devastated being that we heard worse case scenario. We were informed that with this diagnosis we could choose to terminate pregnancy. I remember raising my head up looking at her like she must be crazy! I was 32 weeks pregnant! She was mine for better or worse, for however long God decided. My husband and I did not just stop there. We went online and read as much as possible, almost until my eyes melted. I felt so much better when I found this website. it gave us hope. The day we got the news we cried but we will not cry about it again! In our eyes she is absolutely perfect and could not love her any more!  She has 2 older brother that love her very much.


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  1. Janet says:

    Congratulations, she is lovely! Thank you for sharing your story and your girl with us. We have found such hope and inspiration in having such a supportive WHS family, welcome. Our Sophia will turn 9 years old this December and the joys far outweigh the hardships. Blessed indeed!

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