We finally have evidence of receptive language. See the post on Isabella’s blog.IMG_9770



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  1. jeaanett tolson says:

    Hi just found this web sit .I have a sweet daughter that was dignosed with Pitt roger danks when she was about 18 years old at the childrens hospital in little Rock Ar. her name is Amy she turnd 30 this past March. what a journy we have been on since the day she was born. fear of not knowing what was going on with my baby .her having seizers at one day old and faeling to thrive . and no anserws from the doctors. they had no idea . finly Dr Mary Curtis Amys genetics took her case to Chichogo she said were they all come togeather for all the case that stump them . and they called it Pitt Roger Dank..I feelt that they had finily figerd it out ..befor that thay said russell silver syndron and other syndrons that did not fit Amy untill PRDS .we are still on our Journy But it sure would be nice to be able to fined others that are like Amy..I like this site i just wish i knew older case ..Mybe we will..Thanks for the sit

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