I’m a little late with Caroline’s 6 month update, and I’m sure I will not get another done for a while due to the holidays and then both kids birthday’s coming up.  Things have still been going great! Caroline began rolling over, both ways (front to back and back to front) around 5 months.  She has recently stopped rolling over as she is now concentrating on trying to sit, and prefers to sit in seats and pillows, but hopefully the rolling will come back again.  She had temporary tubes placed in her ears when she turned 6 months.  Everything went great with her procedure, and things have been going just as well since.  At 6.5 months she is weighing in at 10lbs 12ozs and 25 inches long!  Her vocalization is improving, and she is now almost constantly making sounds and babbling.  She is beginning to use different letter sounds so hopefully our first words aren’t to far away!  Health wise we have been very blessed, other than a runny nose, and currently a little bit of a cold, we have had no health problems thus far.  We were recently told at our last GI follow-up that after we see him again in February, as long as Caroline has still gained weight, he does not see the need to follow her anymore unless a problem arises. So that means we will cut our list of specialists down from 8 to 7! She is still doing great with feeding, and is now taking a 4-5oz bottle 5 times a day, and solids by spoon two-three times a day.

Overall Caroline is a very happy baby! She has made being her mom such a joy and easy job! When I first received her diagnosis I was scared to think what my life would be like taking care of her, but she has made everything such a joy! Here are a few photo’s from our recent photo shoot for Christmas cards!

100_1803 100_1799 100_1802 100_1791


2 Responses to It’s Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas – 6/7 Month Update!

  1. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Fancy Christmas duds! Caroline is a fashion queen. It sounds like you are feeling much better this month than you were last time you posted. Caroline’s growth and development seem to be progressing extremely well. A great post is a Christmas gift for all.

  2. jjenkins says:

    Things are good. There are good days and bad when it comes to the emotional aspect of everything, but I assume that those will always be there, and I’m getting much better at coping with the bad days and enjoying the good days!

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