Hey everyone! I have been meaning to talk about the progression of this web site and the WHS.org community over the past 3 months but haven’t found the time to spread the news.

I am excited to announce that Ross Lennox, father of Mia is “officially” an integral part of wolfhirschhorn.org. Over the past year, Ross has offered up his services and has helped out here and there with some of the technology challenges and other various activities. However, over the past 60 days or so, he has jumped in head first into the mix and has committed his time and efforts towards the vision of the web site and the community. Ross is located in the UK and has been nothing short of sensational in helping out wherever asked.

Ross is available to all of the community, the same as I would be for web site questions, inquiries, or anything else required. He can be reached at

Many of you don’t see it, but his contributions are large. He’s a true asset to the Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome community. I am delighted to have him as part of the team.

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4 Responses to And then there were 2

  1. Cheryl says:


  2. The Gawels says:

    Well, thank you to you both! This site has been great for my wife and I!

  3. Eva Viera says:

    I noticed,Ross helped out greatly during the Halloween contest,and was able to answer alot of our questions and setting up our kids pics..Thank you Ross for your donated time and help! Greatly appreciated!

    Aldrick 86′
    Rosa 61′ (sister)

  4. M says:

    Awesome! Thank you both for doing such an amazing job! Thanks!!!!!

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