I was hoping I wouldn’t have another update so soon. So, as you may have last read, Nathaniel had a touch of the stomach virus on the 22nd (Mon.) and saw the doctor on the 26th (Fri.)…..on the 29th (Mon.) had to go back to see the doctor because he hadn’t been eating and had a really bad cough. He lost even more weight and it was an issue. He f/u the following day and lost 3-4 ounces overnight. He was admitted that afternoon, the same day he was scheduled to see the new GI doctor and had an emergency g-tube placed that Wed…..last Wed. YES!!! HALLOWEEN!!! His second Halloween, and he missed it again :'( He was in PICU. The hospital had stations set up for the little ones that were well enough to trick-or-treat, not the case for him though. It would have been a really nice situation. Nathaniel got a bucket with some treats and a ginormous bag with other goodies. It was really nice. He stayed a whole week, released last Friday. Just in time to make it to my older sons “Parent Night”/football game. This past Tuesday(6th), he began getting sick: coughing, fever, loss of appetite….the usual. So this morning he saw the doctor again and was so close to being admitted. Had it not been for the multiple “Why’s?” from dad, we’d be there now. He will f/u tomorrow afternoon, and if there is no improvement, then the hospital is where we’ll be. I was trying to hold off on the updates, but I just had to get it out of my system. I’ve been reading about everyones Halloween experiences and looking at all the wonderful pictures and I’m so glad that the kiddos had so much fun. I’m sad that he missed it again, but there’s always next year!

He is a whopping 16.4 AND a half pounds! I think he weighed a little more, but has lost more since he’s been sick. But that’s ok. He looks like a little chunker! It’s so weird to see him so big. He jumped from 3-6 months to 9-12 months literally overnight. I’m gonna have to start working out more often to be able to keep up with the weight of my purse, his diaper bag, his car seat, and his g-tube machine! Hope all is well for everyone else out there in the WHS world.


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  1. Kim Shafer says:

    What a week you all have had. There are really not a lot of words when you have weeks like that and your life changes once again. Sending lots of hugs your way and praying he gets better soon and you stay out of the hospital if at all possible. Thank God for dads they can be the best advocates!

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