Mason was born 03/03/10.   My labor was induced at 37 weeks as the MD was concerned with the IUGR.  During pregnancy we also learned of his bilateral club feet and horse-shoe kidney. Mason weighed 4lbs 6oz. he failed the hearing screen in the hospital and had difficulty latching on. We were discharged from the hospital on day four with him weighing 4lbs and told to follow up with out primary care MD. Thankfully our MD referred us for genetic testing and we learned of the WHS. Mason has been though a lot; castings, surgery to correct the club feet, hernia repair, ear tubes and now febrile seizures.  we just celebrated his first birthday. Mason is forever happy! He recently began to roll over!  I joined this website in July 2010. I have rejoiced and cried while reading all of your posts. I find strength and hope thru this caring community. I look forward to sharing more with you as Mason continues to grow!

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  1. taylorbug says:

    Mason is a cutie pie and I can’t wait to hear more on Mason! My Taylor is 3 years old and she has hearing loss now due to all the fluid that was on her ears. She has two of the cutest pink hearing aids.

  2. Kristy says:

    Mason is so cute! I look forward to following your journey. My son Dylan just turned 2 on Feb. 20th and is also forever happy! Keeps the posts and pictures coming. 🙂

  3. Laurie says:

    Welcome to our family, Mason! I look forward to watching you grow…my daughter Kaylee is just about 2 months older than you, and I have to warn you that she loves the boys!! As for me, I wish you and Mommy continued happiness and am excited to be sharing in your journey with you! xo

  4. Shannon says:

    Awww… Mason sure is a cutie! Looking forward to hearing more and seeing more pics! My daughter, Emma, is 4 and she also failed her newborn hearing screen. She got tubes in her ears at 11 months and a sedated ABR 6 months after that said she has normal hearing. We’re waiting to see if they are going to do another one since it’s been almost 3 years since her last one. She’s also one happy kiddo!

  5. BreB says:

    Hi! Our daughter Eve was born on the 04/03/10! We would have been going through the same thing probably at the same time. Eve’s development sounds very similar to Mason’s, she too is a happy little munchkin, very social! Hope all is going well for you, look forward to keeping up with Mason’s story.
    Breanna (Mum to Eve – 1 year)

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