Eve is 6 months old! YAY!
Where to start? Eve’s health has been good, she is going well in the feeding department, she is taking around 130ml each feed, we have just increased her formula to 1 and 1/4 strength for some extra calories, she is tolerating this well.  We were pleased she finally hit the 5kg (11lb) mark at her 6 mth check up!  Solids will be our next adventure. She is smiley and happy and starting to try out her voice, sometimes she surprises herself with the noise she makes.  Eve loves her play gym and is holding onto the rings and links now.  We have started calling her 180, when we put her onto her mat she will wriggles her way around and ends up facing the other way, at first I thought my cheeky son was turning her around, it appears this is not the case.  Eve is quite social and enjoys being carted around to school, soccer, dancing and swimming for our other children.  She sleeps really well which is a blessing, usually wakes only at around 4.30am for a feed then back down til 7.00.
Our only concern was our trip to the heart specialist, initally we were told Eve had a small ASD and there was no cause for concern, it would probably heal itself but just have it checked in 6 mths. You can imagine how shocked we were to learn that the hole has actually grown and is 10mm!  It’s hard to imagine seeing as her heart is only the size of her tiny little fist.  Surgery may be required in a few years so we are back for a check up in 12 mths.  Hoping for the best, another wait and see.
Well, just wanted to keep you all in the loop!  School holidays start for us today, can’t wait, pj’s til noon…love it!  xx
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5 Responses to Eve is 6 months!

  1. crivera75 says:

    Wow! Eve is beautiful and doing great! Thanks for sharing her progress!

  2. Laurie says:

    Eve is simply adorable– and she is really doing exceptionally well! I look forward to hearing her next update…xo

  3. Shannon says:

    Wow, she is beautiful!! And doing so well! Emma had an ASD also and had it repaired July of 2009 by open heart surgery! It was scary, but she did awesome and has had no further problems!

  4. jbt says:

    wow an encouraging note from you..our baby is nearly 6months and nearly 11lb!

  5. letty says:

    Love her pictures!!!

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