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BabyLiam second Christmas

December 30, 2010 by

Hope every one had a wonderful Christmas and will have a wonderful New year full of love happymess and alot of joy this 2011.I havent been here for a while my comp got attacked by 92 viruses so had to get a new one . Well alot has happend since BabyLiam was at the hospital […]

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BabyLiam weight loss

October 13, 2010 by

BabyLiam is losing weight and vommiting alot on regalin and pepcid meds make no diff i would like anyone that can give me some feed back that is going through this he is 20 months old and is 13 lbs Hospitelised at the momment after a rutine visit at high risk clinic they felt he […]

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In early 2010 in early january it was a tipical day Baby LIam would receive his ot/pt therapies but who would know that this day would change my life. Thank to a change of events I missed taking my 3 yr old to daycare never had he missed going but that day he did. i […]

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