Has anyone one of our kids received the COVID 19 vaccine ? I know there have been our kids who have had serious reactions to certain vaccines snd I have not given Joe the vaccine waiting for more information in it.


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  1. Jacqueline Quellhorst says:

    Hi, Jaap (age 65, living in the Netherlands)already got his Covid 19 vaccine. He is doing fine and had no reaction.

  2. Anonymous says:

    What age can take Covid vaccine?

  3. Laura says:

    My daughter Paige had the her first dose of the maderna vaccine she hasn’t had any complications with it.
    I’m praying that she does just as well with the second dose.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Our twin daughters got their first dose one week ago as did their brother. The girls weigh about 45 pounds and are 49 years old…their brother is 37 and weighs 65 pounds. The immunologist at Mayo clinic in Rochester encouraged us….no issues. Next dose March 4th….what a relief to finally get our kids vaccinated!! The Johnson Family

  5. Cori Johnson says:

    Kim and Kelly age 49 weighing 45 pounds got their first dose last week. Ben age 37 and 65 pounds also got his. After asking the Rochester Mayo immunologist if it was safe because of their small size, he was encouraging. Second dose is scheduled for March 4th. No issues only relief!!

  6. My 44 year old son received the vaccine this week. He has pain in the injection site, but
    no other problems so far.

  7. Anitra says:

    My daughter isn’t old enough to receive it (she’s 9), but in our area (just outside of Chicago) primary care givers/parents are starting to get it, to help give protection to children to young to get the vaccine. How old is Joe?

  8. dcjpierce.1 says:

    Joe is 24 and I have done alot of research on the vaccine . I have been perplexed the way it was made and tested. It is not what his usual vaccines like the flu where they inject a dead part of the virus. This is a vaccine still in the experimental stage. Am not sure about how safe it is in the long run. Just wanted to check with everyone else to see how our kids are doing with it. It looks like so far all is good with everyone

  9. Kathie L Kohout says:

    Lea is 28 and is done with both doses of the Covid vaccine.
    Gillette Specialty Healthcare was having clinics here in MN. She received the Pfizer vaccine.
    Lea did very well. So glad she had it. Her doctors said
    her risks from the virus is so much greater than the vaccine. She is doing well!

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