When it comes to buying gifts for our kiddos – for birthdays and holidays – it can be tricky to know what to invest in.
Will it stay on the tray?
Will she be able to access and activate it?
Will he be interested in it?
Or… will it end up collecting dust in the corner?  
Perhaps a toy enjoyed by one of our children might be enjoyed by many others, too!
Let’s share what toys light our kids up! We’re putting together a slideshow (set to holiday music) of our children’s favorite toys and would love to include your child with his or her go-to item. It can be anything!
To be a part of the slideshow:
– Select a photo (just one please!) of your child with his or her favorite toy.
– Email it to anitraschulte@gmail.com.
– In your email, include: 1) the name of the toy, 2) your child’s first name, 3) your child’s age, and 4) your mailing address.
– Send your email and photo by Nov. 15, 2019.
If you submit a photo for the slideshow, you will be entered to win a Mini UV Mirror Bead Chain. We will give away three. All who enter will receive a small holiday gift from wolfhirschhorn.org.
We look forward to seeing what everyone shares!
The Wolfhirschhorn.org Team

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    Halo this rosalinda favorite toy Spinning wheel and I bought it at Walmart

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