Its been several years since I posted. My last post I shared my sons story. An article titled Gods Handiwork. Joe will be turning 21 in a few months and this is such a milestone. I laugh when I think of the ignorance of some in the medical profession many years ago, “he won’t live to age 2 but if he happens to live that long he wont’ live to age 16” It wasn’t funny back then but it sure gives me a chuckle today. Joe is as special and wonderful a person as ever. I have been reading some of the posts from those who are much younger. To all of you all I can say is Keep the FAith!! Our kids are a gift from God and its their difference that makes them shine. It gets easier as time goes on. Loosing the school and teachers i have so relied on over the years is a tough change for me but I know God will direct me in whats best for Joe. He is Gods special one and only the best seems to come to my son. Thanks for listening.


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  1. Denise Sirk says:

    Happy Birthday, Joe! 21 years old is awesome. Thanks for sharing with us. It is wonderful to see he is doing well especially for those of us who are new to WHS. Clara, my grand daughter, just turned 2. So when they say they may only live to two years old it gives us fear!! But you give us HOPE! Like Joe, Clara is pure joy and I can’t imagine my life without such an awesome human being!!

  2. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Thanks for the update. It seems all of us with older children got the same dire predictions from doctors, but they cannot be blamed. Their information was based on what was available in a few out publications at the time. Treatment options were more scarce than information about the condition.

    Interestingly enough, the best source of information and support can be other parents of children with special needs.

    My daughter is 38 now. She finished school at age 20 and then attended a program for adults until she was 28. Since then she has not attended a formal program. She was happy doing volunteer work and pursuing her own interests. I hope your son will also find interesting ways to enjoy a fulfilling adult life.

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