I don’t want to write a super detailed post on this topic, but I did want to share that Elsa is going on the potty… regularly!!

(She is age 6 1/2, and we’re just now officially making it part of our routine.)

I think this new development is the result of a myriad of things: Her age, core strength, practice at school. But a few things outside of these elements seem to have played a role:

  • Elsa’s diaper has been staying dry for longer, evidence that she’s gaining bladder control.
  • She is often dry in the morning, after a long night’s sleep.
  • Elsa got tons of potty time practice when she stayed for a few days with her grandparents this spring.
  • We got a new potty chair that – while not really supportive – is at least cushioned, has handles, and has a step. Here it is (also here’s the link – this is just a product phot0)…

All this is to say, if you’re wondering if your little one will one day potty, here’s an example of a kiddo who is getting the hang of it. I always find so much encouragement from your stories, so I hope you might find some from this update.


3 Responses to Potty talk… the good kind!

  1. Sean says:

    That’s great and our child,Esme, just started doing the same at age 8. She was very resistant in the last few years but is very willing now. We thought it would not happen for her so were pleasantly surprised when she really took this up in earnest these last few months.

  2. Grt Grmma & Pa Wessling says:

    great news.

  3. Ross says:

    That’s awesome, Anitra – what a milestone for Elsa. Definitely something we’re planning on working on over the summer too. Thanks for sharing your/Elsa’s success!

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