It’s easy to be hard on yourself, as a parent. As the mom of three small kids, things are busy. And often I take the path of (not least resistance, but…) greatest efficiency. I’m always trying to streamline, always thinking five steps ahead.

Something I certainly don’t do enough: Make Elsa the center of attention. Her sisters (age 3 and 4) demand attention. And Elsa will too – if something is really wrong. But she’s sooooo go-with-the-flow that I often fall into familiar rhythms. Routine takes over.

The church we go to has an awesome special needs ministry, and Elsa has a one-on-one companion who is with her in her 6-year-old class. It’s so great to know that she’s getting to interact with her peers, and visa versa.

Beyond just interaction, though, they are also celebrating my girl. This photo just lights me up…

This Sunday school moment was a wonderful reminder for me to make sure I’m doing the same at home. Just because Elsa cannot verbally tell me she wants to do the things that her friends do doesn’t mean the desire isn’t there.


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