As family and friends of children and adults with WHS, we are all on the same team. And through, we can support each other and cheer each other on.

In this spirit, we are announcing the 2017 holiday fundraiser item is… a Team WHS hat!


The stories we share here at are sometimes vulnerable, but we do so knowing that others in our community can relate and are here to lift us up and encourage us.

Just in time for Giving Tuesday, here’s the link to the hat, which retails for $17.75.

Money raised by hat sales will ensure that the children who participated in the 2017 Halloween Event will get a prize. Revenues beyond covering this expense will go toward future endeavors that benefit our kiddos.

Please share the link to the Team WHS hat on your social networks, and via email, with friends and supporters who are part of mighty TEAM WHS!


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