When packing for vacation, and maximizing the backend our van, it can be hard to know what to bring. Beyond the essentials, my husband and I always hash out what positioning equipment will give our daughter Elsa the most comfort, access and independence, given the unique environmental factors of our destination.

For our weeklong vacation earlier this month, we brought Elsa’s stander and stroller. Those two things served us well when hanging around the house (stander) or going to and fro the beach, volleyball court and dock.

But Elsa’s favorite piece of equipment was nothing we brought from home.

On our fourth day of vacation, we discovered a tree swing in the back half of the beautiful property where we stayed. It’s very similar to a swing we use in therapy every week, so I was thrilled to find it!

I wasn’t the only excited one. Look at Elsa’s proud, excited, coy grin in this video. There isn’t much that Elsa will hold onto, aside from a swing. But she’ll hold the ropes for 10 minutes, sometimes longer. Until we can find a way to transition that skill over to other objects, this video will keep me smiling…


2 Responses to Swing Time: Elsa’s fave vacation spot

  1. Anonymous says:

    ❤️ Love it. I been following Elsa’s story I can believe how beautiful and big she is

  2. Katie Bohl says:

    I love watching her sweet smile!

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