Elsa was swinging so happily in the new therapy swing at our neighborhood park.

It must have looked like the place to be.

“Can I get in there?” my #2 asks.

“Um, I guess we could try that,” I say.

I squeeze two sets of little buns side-by-side in the green seat. It’ll work.

“Me too, mommy,” says #3.

Oh boy. Why not? In they all go.

Elsa was smiling so big with the wind in her face, and her arm around her little sister.

The best ideas are never mom’s.

Anitra Rowe Schulte blogs about being Elsa’s mom at anitraroweschulte.com/blog


One Response to Three Girls in a Swing

  1. Ann Kusik says:

    Love this. It looks so fun for all of them. Wish there was a park like that near me.

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