We’re excited to share a fun T-shirt design for Holiday 2016!


This new wolfhirschhorn.org T-shirt features a superhero theme because it can’t be denied: Our kids are real-life superheroes, who everyday face herculean obstacles and defy the odds.

The shirt reads “Real Stories. Real Power.” That’s because here at wolfhirschhorn.org, we believe there is real power in the stories that we share with each other. Every story posted conveys truth and authenticity. Each reply shared offers empathy and support. The result is unity and hope. And as we lift up each other, we also bring family and friends into our community, increasing understanding. That’s pretty powerful stuff.

Today, we are sharing the child-version of the shirt. (This is what all of the children who entered the 2016 Halloween Event will receive.)

To view and order the shirt, which retails for $13, visit this link: www.bonfire.com/wolfhirschhorn-child-tee/

Proceeds from T-shirt sales will go toward ensuring that all children who participated in the Halloween Event get a shirt. Any and all revenues beyond covering this expense will go toward future wolfhirschhorn.org endeavors that benefit our kiddos.

Keep your eyes peeled, because the adult tee will become available very soon. Same great look, bigger sizes for parents, family and friends! Stay tuned…




3 Responses to “Real Stories. Real Power.” T-shirts Available

  1. Melissa McGuire says:

    How do I order the shirt???

  2. Anitra says:

    Hi Melissa! Just visit the link in the post, and you can buy it there. Here’s the link again, for quick reference:


  3. Shirley Bidnick says:

    We need adult size shirts. They actually were on the list so I placed an order and received the message that I’d be notified when enough orders were placed to print them. I hope that happens. Wearing the shirts will provide a wonderful opportunity to share information about WHS. The name alone has the power to create interest. I was disappointed last year because the tote bags could not be shipped to Canada. I hope I have better luck this year. I am sure this fund raise will be a big success. The t-shirt design and colours are great.

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