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Wow…I cannot believe Paige is already a year and a half.  It has been a very humbling and educational time in our lives.  Paige is just under 14 lbs, and she has grown to 28.5 inches.  We have been very fortunate in regards to Paige’s health.  She has only had two low grade fevers so far with no major illness.  Of course, we are always anticipating for the inevitable downfall, but maybe…just maybe, we will get lucky.

We are working hard in private physical and occupational therapy, however, we will soon be transitioning to Early Intervention, which is a state program for qualified children.  With this program, the therapists will actually come to our house, and also help in the transition to Early Childhood Education once Paige turns three.  All good things.  We are working on getting Paige to roll from back to tummy (she hates tummy time, so it’s hard to get her to do it), sitting, and continued muscle strengthening.  Her torticollis is slowly getting better.

She is on three different medications including bactrim (prophylactic antibiotic) because of her vesicoureteral reflux (urinary reflux due to her horseshoe kidney),  omeprazole for her gastrointestinal reflux, and generic keppra for seizure management.  So far, she has not had any seizures since the grand mal last February.  We are seeing her neurologist next week for consult.  We have recently been approved by insurance to receive a new food for Paige called Nourish.  It is an organic, real food blend that is allergen free.  The hard part is transitioning her from Neocate Jr (formula) to the real food.  I truly believe this is going to be the best thing for her.  When we originally tried to transition her, she became severely constipated, so we had to go back to the formula.  Her GI doctor has recommended 1-2 tablespoons of milk of magnesia and adding more water to the diet.  We will start fresh tomorrow.  Change is always hard on these little ones.

She still does not have any teeth, but I can tell she is teething as she’s always biting on her thumb and drooling.  She can get pretty fussy but holding her is usually a good remedy.

For Halloween, we did a criminal / law enforcement theme.  Paige and I were criminals and Dad and big sister were police / detective.  It was a fun day.  Paige has stolen so many hearts…it was about time she got caught!  My favorite part of the costume is the tattooed sleeves.  Too cute!

Paige is really starting to blossom.  Her world has recently gotten much bigger.  She notices when someone walks into a room now and will completely move her body/head to watch people within 15 feet of her.  She is way more aware of her surroundings.  She is also very playful.  We invent new games weekly in occupational therapy.  Right now she loves the “wiggle” game…we repeat the word wiggle about 10 times, which cues her to move her arms and legs while laying on her back, and then we will stay STOP.  She actually understands and will stop wiggling.  It’s really cute, and she really enjoys the game.  She also will clearly let you know if she doesn’t like something.  Whether it is too much work in physical therapy or her big sister being too clingy…she will let you know what she wants.

Thanks for keeping up on our journey!  I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season!!

Stealing Our Hearts

Stealing Our Hearts



2 Responses to Paige Stealing our Hearts – Halloween 18 Months

  1. Kenia Sergeant says:

    Dear Paige this is a wonderful update you keep giving us those small surprises. Hope that the New nutltrition transition goes well and that you keep growing healthy & Strong.
    The best part that I read is that your seizures are under control I pray they keep that way always.
    You look so cute in your Halloween costume look at all that hair.

    As always Keely you are doing a phenomenal job.
    God bless you all

  2. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Paige is as sweet as can be. The tattoos and leather wrist bracelets suit her. Your girls are so fortunate to have each other. Thanks for sharing the positive update. It is always good to hear an optimistic report. I am sure you have every reason to be hopeful about Paige’s future.

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