Elsa: Halloween 2016


Minnie Mouse was the look this year! And thankfully, it was warm-ish this Halloween, in our neck of the woods.

I made a special request that Elsa was in a stander-on-wheels for the parade again this year, which her teacher gladly accommodated. It means so much to me, to see her up on her feet in the parade, just like all of her peers. Even if the wind made navigating a little tricky!

A walking update: We are still not there yet, but Elsa starts at a new PT place next week. This will mark the first time Elsa has ever had PT outside of our home. We are very excited for what this might bring for Elsa. In addition to a comprehensive PT room, the facility has a therapy pool and an amazing indoor walking simulation room, that enables Elsa to be suspended from a harness that’s attached to an overhead track. The harness can be placed over a treadmill, to help her get momentum when walking. It also can be programmed to allow Elsa to “fall” a bit, as her therapist helps her safely recover stability. I was blown away by the technology, when we took a tour.

We will share more about this journey, as we continue to pursue walking — in the hopes that it is in the cards for her. Praying it is, but know that it may not be. Just want to give her every opportunity to succeed. Here’s a vid of her in the parade. I have probably watched it 100 times :o)



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