If you’re thinking of posting to the wolfhirschhorn.org site (for the Halloween Event or otherwise), but are feeling less-than-confident in your computer skills, here’s a quick step-by-step guide. If you have any questions while creating your post, just email me at anitraschulte@gmail.com. Looking forward to reading what you have to say!

Posting to www.wolfhirschhorn.org:

– When you arrive at www.wolfhirschhorn.org, scroll down to the very bottom of the homepage.
– In the black bar across the bottom of the homepage, you’ll see a section titled MORE. Click on the word HERE within this paragraph.
– This is where you request a username and select a password. After you’ve done this, email me and tell me what username you’ve selected. This will prompt me to go into the “back end” of the site and approve your account.
– Once I’ve approved you, return to the homepage of our website, scroll down to the MORE section and click on the word HERE as you did before. This will prompt you to log in with your new username and password.
– Now, you’re into the “Dashboard,” where you can make your post! If you’ve never used WordPress before, things may look a little weird. Here are the basic things you need to know to make a post:
– Within the Dashboard, you’ll see a black/gray bar on the left-hand side. Hover your mouse over the “Posts” option (this is demarcated by a pushpin icon).
– A drop-down list of additional options will pop up. Select “Add New.” IE: Add a new post.
– This is where you will a) choose a headline for your post, typing it in the long skinny box at the top, b) write a little story about the costume, etc., in the bigger box below the headline box, and c) upload your pic.
– To upload a pic, click the “Add Media” button just above the body copy text box (“Add Media” is demarcated by a camera/music note icon).
– The Media Library will pop up. In here, you’ll see all of the content uploaded by other users. To upload your own photo or video, click on the blue words “Upload Files,” and follow the prompts to identify and select your pic or pics.
– When you are finished uploading the pic and writing the copy/words, click the blue “Publish” button found in the column on the far right-hand side of the Post page. (You can preview it first if you’d like. The “Preview” is also found in the right-hand column.)

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