Elsa was a swan for Halloween this year — quite fitting for her calm, graceful demeanor, I must say! Her costume was a mash up composed of a faux fur hat that my sisters and I wore long ago when playing dress up and a hand-me-down dance recital costume. In a pre-school parade filled with super heroes and princesses, our swan stood out — for originality, and also for her sweet ride: She made her way through the halls in the stander she uses in her classroom for about 60 minutes a day. I was so glad they used it for the parade, so she could really get the feel of being up and present with her peers, rather than tucked back in her jogger stroller. Check out the video here:


3 Responses to Elsa Halloween 2015

  1. Shirley Bidnick says:

    I saw this photo on FB and thought your beautiful swan was a duck or a chick. At an rate she is her usual photogenic melt my heart self. She looks a little nervous in her standing frame, but what a great idea. She fits in with the others so much better than she would in her jogger.

  2. Janet Beiswanger says:

    Just beautiful, gliding in her parade,capturing attention,just like a swan does! Truly dear and very creative meeting the character of your Elsa.

  3. letty says:

    As always….she’s a beauty!

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