There is nothing terribly momentous about this video, but I wanted to share. This is just Elsa playing with one of her favorite toys in our kitchen… a toy that her sister stole from our speech therapist’s toy bag, a common occurrence, unfortunately. (Why are their toys so much cooler than ours?? Even the oldies are so enticing to my littles.) I wanted to share this vid for a few reasons:

– To show how great a supportive chair can be for posture and focus. We love our Lecky seat. It’s really grown well with Elsa.

– To demonstrate her focus on a task of her choosing — play, of course!

– To share how social Elsa is. Lots of checking in with mom to make sure I’m watching.

– To provide an example of the vocalizations that are typical for her these days (Elsa is 3.5 years). She also signs “more” for more music, something she always does for music.

– Because her eyes look great here! We patch her eyes a few times a week to strengthen the eye that’s the weakest. This changes from week to week.

Again, nothing monumental. But a snapshot of an average day for us, which shows some subtle, but still important gains. And because Elsa looks so sweet in that bright tank and bow. Summer school makes me step up my mom-styling game :o)


3 Responses to Elsa: Playtime at home

  1. Cheryl rowe says:

    Elsa’s smile is captivating. I love our darling Elsa Lou and the many joys we share. Zannie

  2. Keely Absher says:

    Wow! Isn’t she beautiful? This is a great video, thank you for sharing this. She is amazing (and looks cute too with her summer style!) I can’t wait to meet this lovely girl some day!

  3. Shirley Bidnick says:

    The bow, eyes, and toy are terrific, but the vocalizations take the show. She has the voice of an angel. The typical daily activity you capture in this video is an example of the ones that will pay off in the future when Elsa reaches her potential to be independent. I was a single working parent and did not have enough time to play with Rochelle the way you are playing with Elsa in this video clip. I am so grateful there were others who were there to do these boring, tedious, repetitious, yet fun activities with her. Now I realize it is the only way she learns.

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