Hello everyone we just wanted to give an update on baby casen , he resently had a his big 1 birthday!!! Casen has been doing very well, he has only had two small seizures since December , he’s doing very well on keppra. Casen is smiling , grabing at toys, he is such a happy baby .. He doesn’t cry ever but is starting to make little noises. CAsen is still very small and is strictly g-tube fed. He weighes 13.9 pounds now, he still can’t sit on his own but is starting to hold his head up. I was just wondering if anyone here has a baby that is 13 months or around that age that still can’t sit up? I am abit worried about Casens slow progress. Casen is truely a blessing to us and our family. Hope all is well with the whs family..god bless:-)


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  1. Leonie says:

    Sounds like he is doing fantastic! Sabrina started sitting unsupported from 2.5years and now at almost 6 she can sit up so straight for longer periods of time. Hope that makes you feel positive!

  2. corinna says:

    My son Noah is 17 months and can’t yet sit independently. He makes constant but gradual progress. His core and head control has really improved over the past 6 months. He can sit with his fore arms supporting him against a low bench for short periods. I have seen people in their 20s talk for the first time. Kids sit up and walk at 2 years, 5 years, 10 years old. Given the opportunity your Casen will sit on his own in his own time.


    Don’t worry about Casen. My nephew was several years old before he sat up by himself. He was seven years old before he walked. Each child is different. Just keep working with Casen.

  4. Anitra says:

    Hi there! Elsa wasn’t really sitting up strong and independently until closer to 1.5 years. Have you tried Casen in a Bumbo floor seat? That was a good tool for Elsa, for strengthening her core and head/neck. Today, Elsa’s core (tummy) is her strongest area, and we are starting to use her abs more in getting from laying to sitting up (something we are still struggling to accomplish). By the way, if anyone has any tips for how they accomplished this transition (laying to sitting up), I am all ears!!

  5. letty says:

    Don’t be too concerned. It’ll happen in time. My son didn’t sit till he was close to turning 2. These little guys do things when they’re ready. Just keep up with therapy.

  6. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Very very belated Happy First Birthday Casen. Like the others have said do not be dismayed! Children with WHS specialize in delay and surprise. They test our faith, hope and love. Rochelle sat at 2 years old (propped) and walked at 10 years old. It is never too late for anything. I am waiting for a word at 35 years old!

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