1426897978855Well, it’s a little short of a year since my last post. Nathaniel is now 4 years and 3 months….he’s still hopping around, can pull himself up on things like the sofa, table, and the edge of my bed, but will only walk with his walker when he wants to. He’s like a puppy…constantly chewing on things. My “new” coffee table is now a distressed table with bite marks all the way a round, along with my kitchen chairs/bar stools-he chews on everything! Anything metal/wood/hard. We call him our puppy. He’s had a few seizures since my last post, but thanks to our rectal valume, no hospitalizations. He was just released last Saturday after a 10 day stay due to Paraenfluenza 3, but nothing to do with seizure activity…thank God!20150408_192553 He’s still non-verbal, but hopefully that will change. The nurse at the hospital said he can speak “Nathanglish” after I told her he has his own seagull language. I wanted to send him to school this past year, but he is still so baby-ish. I can’t imagine him being in a classroom with older kids. His younger brother, Noah (17 months) 1426897778687just started walking which is kind of sad because of the fact that Nathaniel hasn’t. I don’t doubt that he will, but we all want things NOW and things just don’t work that way, do they? Hopefully, now that Noah is walking, he’ll motivate Nathaniel to walk and stand more frequently. All in all, he’s been pretty healthy with a few asthma flare ups that are controlled with home meds. He is such a good baby. Doesn’t cry or whine for anything. He just loves to be hugged and kissed on. My Noah, on he other hand is so opposite. 1426897441772Hopefully Nathaniel’s “want and need to be loved and love on” will rub off on him! He has things he can teach as well. Can’t wait to read more updates. WHS Awareness Day tomorrow!!!


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  1. Anitra says:

    Thanks for the update! I was so inspired to read about Nathaniel pulling up on the sofa and your bed, etc. Elsa has not yet started doing those things. I have two younger girls, and I know what you mean, about when your younger’s skills begin passing those of your child with WHS. My youngest daughter is 3 months old, and while this is a distant thought at the moment, I know it won’t be long until it starts to transpire. It was a wonderful post, thanks for sharing.

  2. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Thanks for your Nathaniel update. Progress is slow but when I don’t hear from you often, it seems amazing. If He is pulling up, he will walk eventually. Noah will be his biggest motivation. Siblings, especially younger ones are probably the most natural therapists. They teach how things are done fron the ‘beginning’. Rochelle had no siblings but she watched an endless steam of babies being born, catch up to her developmentally within a year and then leave her in the dust. We laugh about it with her and tease her when she is introduced to a new baby, that she has ‘been through this before’. It is amazing to watch infants and toddlers study Rochelle. They identify with something about her even though she is bigger than them. At about 6-8 months she teaches then how to play her favourite game, ‘sock’. But as soon as she trains them, they grow out of it and lose interest. Rochelle has maintained her interest in ‘sock’for 30 plus years. Now that is perseverance!

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