We were going to skip ‘trick or treating’ this Halloween, until… I saw the angel costume…(The Christmas Pageant Angel, from my childhood, was flooding through my mind.) Oh, how lovely! As I was slipping it back on the rack, between the sweet princess and scary witch costumes, I noticed the detailed wings AND adorable halo.

“Just try on the halo, ” said the woman who worked there, (she knows us from the neighborhood.)

“No, we are skipping dressing up this year for the Halloween festivities, ” I replied.

“Well, just try it on anyway, she (Sophia) is such an angel.” she said.

Yes, she is, isn’t she…my thoughts, too! If I was casting for the Christmas pageant, Sophia would be my first choice… EVERY YEAR!!

So I entertained, “just try(ing) on the halo” and with delight I put the headband on Sophia’s head. We witnessed a golden moment! A few woman behind us gasped and remarked, “OH, SHE IS AN ANGEL!!” (I guess they witnessed the golden moment as well.) I just laughed and thought… so true, she spills light wherever she goes.

So, instead of skipping this year I put the costume in my basket and purchased it. Sophia went in character, singing with joy as she rang doorbells, shining in all her brilliance and splendor of being filled with God’s light and sharing herself!

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I’m glad we were NOT tricked in skipping the festivities and in sharing this treat….Our Christmas Pageant Angel, Sophia Noelle!


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  1. Anitra says:

    Spilling light wherever she goes… that is so beautiful. So is Sophia. Great story!! And a dual-purpose costume can only be a good thing :o)

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