Elsa is now 33 months and really starting to move on her feet. Here she is taking steps with her PT with really limited help/support. We recently advocated for two times a week of PT, to make the most of her Early Intervention support from the state before she ages out at year’s end. Elsa was¬†really showing promise in PT, and we’re so glad we doubled down on her progress. It is now her favorite therapy.

Her PT had the awesome suggestion of putting bells on Elsa’s feet, to motivate her to step. It’s not only cute, but working! We were so hoping that she’d be somewhat on her feet by the time she started preschool in January. Now that doesn’t seem like such an out-there dream. Here is Elsa in action:


8 Responses to Elsa, with Bells On…

  1. Jessie says:

    Seeing this gives me so much hope for Caroline, that one day she will be walking! Elsa is doing so well! I love the little bells on her shoes!

  2. Liliana Gardea says:

    That’s just great I have a 27 months old and my Little girl is starded to Sitting by herself and she’s making improvement but very slow like our special babies. Seeing this video make make day I thing we are all connected in a very special way. Thank you for sharing this to us!!!

  3. Anitra says:

    Thanks Jessie! I was really getting discouraged for a while. She looked great in sitting, but not standing. Then one day, she looked awesome going from sitting-to-standing from the lowest step on the staircase. And she’s been on a roll ever since! Caroline is an absolute doll. What a sweet face and spirit. I remember when Elsa was age 1. I had so many questions. Getting her big and strong was our primary focus then. Look forward to your next post!!

  4. Anitra says:

    Liliana, your little one will get there! Sitting alone is a huge step forward. We were there for a long time before standing and walking came along. Hang in there!

  5. Ebony says:

    Wow, what a milestone, so glad you shared your video.

  6. Janet says:

    I felt the same as Kate…didn’t want the video to end, nor did my daughter Phia. She loves watching the other kids and we’ve replayed many times. We want more Elsa with bells! =). Way to go Elsa and did she wave to you? We saw a wave…Phia waved back…and we are cheering you on. Way to go!

  7. Betsy says:

    So proud of you, Elsa Lou! Watched it over and over, with the biggest smile.
    Love you, Aunt Betsy

  8. Anitra says:

    Thank you Katie, Janet and Betsy!! Your enthusiasm spurs me to celebrate again and again and not lose sight of what a huge milestone this is!

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