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WHS Families:
Do you have a positively adorable photo of your child, that needs to be shared with the wolfhirschhorn.org community? If you do, we want it for the website.
Over the next few weeks, we’ll be collecting photos of our kiddos to be used in updating the homepage of wolfhirschhorn.org. We know it won’t be hard to find great pics. The problem will probably be winnowing it down!
Here are a few guidelines as to what we’re looking for…
– We want to reflect all moods, personalities and abilities, and both genders, in photos, so show us what you’ve got!
– 1 or 2 of your favorite images would be great. But that should be plenty :o)
– If you have access to hi-res or professional images of your child, that’s best, but not essential.
– The larger the file size (1 MB or greater), the better.
– Horizontal photos work best, so please don’t send vertical ones.
– We prefer .jpg photo files, if at all possible.
– Please title the file as such: Name of child.jpg (E.I.: Elsa.jpg)
Looking forward to seeing your pics! Please provide by Aug. 25.You can email the photo/s to anitraschulte@gmail.com, or send the file/s via a file sharing site such as dropbox.com.
(And a big thanks to the beautiful children, who have served the site so well for so many years!)
Our best,
Anitra & Dan
(Elsa’s folks)

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