Hi.. I am a new user. I have a 25 year old daughter with WHS.  She is non-verbal and not potty trained. She is mentally between 12-18 months in age.  She is ambulatory and loves to walk.  Natalie is happy, very loud, and loves routine.  She is healthy, not on any medications, and about 4 foot tall and 80 pounds.  She is a loved member of our family, and attends a day program from 9-2 every day. I am enclosing a picture.  Lu



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  1. Jackie Garner says:

    She is beautiful and looks so happy!

  2. Cathy Jensen says:

    Hello! I’m responding to your post about your daughter who is 25. Our daughter, London, is 4’5″ and 73 pounds. She is also non-verbal. I would love to talk with you more. It sounds like our girls might be quite similar. I have not been a consistant user/member of the 4p- community. It seems we are always so busy taking care of our daughter there is no time or energy left to correspond. My name is Cathy, and my husbands name is Jeff. Look forward to sharing our stories. I’m sure it would be helpful for those with younger children with the syndrome to hear positive messages from those of us with older children. Wishing you the best! Cathy Jensen

  3. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photo of Natalie and a little information about her. It is remarkable that she is so healthy and obviously active. It looks like she might be at a party in the photo. Please tell us more about her and her family and friends. My daughter Rochelle is 34 years old. I suppose I am guilty of not taking the time to share more about her on this site.

  4. Anitra says:

    What a joy to read about Natalie!! As a WHS mom with a 2 1/2 year old (Elsa), it’s sometimes hard to picture what life will be like when she is a teen or in her 20s, like Natalie. Your post really helped to put that into perspective. So exciting that she loves to walk. I cannot wait for Elsa to reach that milestone. And also thrilling to hear she is healthy and thriving. Please share more about Natalie soon!

  5. LATOSHA says:

    Hi Guys, I havent posted in a while but Amariah just turned 15 yrs old. Check out some pics of her at http://www.amariahtreasure.blogspot.com and I can answer any questions any time. xoxo

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