Can anyone recommend a Dr. that they’ve dealt with, and like, that specializes in WHS? We live in Wyoming and don’t have anyone that understands our girl.  In fact, we just lost the best pedi neuro we’ve ever had.  The Dr. that replaced her is a sleep specialist and informed us that she knows nothing about WHS and her plan of care for our daughter is totally inappropriate.  So we’re looking for someone that specializes in WHS to help us make the best medical choices for Jordan’s care she needs now and make a plan for the future.  Any feed back would be much appreciated.


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  1. Janet says:

    We live in Montana and we go to Children’s Hospital in Denver. I would be more than happy to share our experience. Please write my inbox at

  2. janaelamb says:

    Janet, thank you for your prompt response. We only live four hours from Denver, so I am very curious as to who you see, as it would be a good fit for us travel wise.

  3. Joy M says:

    We have also used doctors from The Children’s Hospital in Denver.

  4. janaelamb says:

    Joy, do you have a good relationship with the doctors you’ve used? Are they knowledgeable about WHS? Do you have their names so I can contact them?

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