5 days before Caroline turns 8 months old, she is now sitting! Granted, it’s not to the point yet where I can just sit her down and leave her there to play, she still is working on keeping her balance for long periods of time, but she is doing “propped” sitting very well (where she leans over on a ball or something) and is even sitting up straight for short periods of time by herself.

To say I was excited to see her do this is a huge understatement.  I didn’t know when I would get to see her sit, although her therapist has been ensuring me for a few weeks that she was ready to, and that she would start at anytime. I almost cried the first time I let go of her and she stayed sitting by herself! She has shown me that she will do incredible things!

I almost didn’t know whether or not to post anything about it in the Facebook group for this website. Mainly because I’ve connected with so many other parents who’s kids are not doing this yet, and the last thing I wanted to do was discourage anyone, or have them think “why isn’t my child doing this?” But then I realized that maybe this is what they needed to see, maybe Caroline could be their beacon of hope. She is proof that this diagnosis does not define who our children will be or what they will do.  Proof that with hard work, and lots of prayers, our kids can accomplish anything they set their minds to.

I’ve included a few photos, a couple are a little blurry from taking them with my phone, and trying to maneuver in front of her to get a shot!

Watching the puppy play

Propped on her O-Ball toy

Almost 8 months!




3 Responses to We have a Sitter!!!

  1. cheryl says:

    Go Caroline! Just wait til she starts sitting up on her own. Tears will surely be flowing lol

  2. Joann Moreno says:

    God bless this children. Doctor’s told me Muy daughter would have lots of issues but I’m grateful Muy daughter just turned 17 its an honor student in her special class and is turning little by little in a beautiful young lady. So love,patience and perseverance but mostly God takes them where they need to go. Probably not other children but at there own pace. Celebrate every step with love and joy.

  3. Shirley Bidnick says:

    WOW! Caroline is a remarkable sitter, and a fashion diva too. She has a different coordinated outfit with matching socks in each photo. Sitting at eight months is a wonderful accomplishment. It gives her confidence and opens up her world. Thank you for sharing your joy and your delightful daughter’s achievement. It is an honour to celebrate it with you.

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