I don’t even know how to start this off. usually when i’m outside with talon i usually get the oh my your baby is beautiful or how old is he and the usual congrats. but yesterday it made me realize that they’re are some snotty people out there. yesterday was a back to back appointment to both the kidney and the neurologist. talon was comfy in his car seat and i was sitting down waiting. the waiting room was filled with different families as it always has been. while sitting and waiting for the neurologist and after being weight in and all that good stuff talon was up and about doing his new thing of showing off his foot and really moving his legs. it wasn’t until having to go back out into the waiting room that probably made me feel uncomfortable. since talon was up he didn’t want to be in his car seat he was still kicking around trying to hold his head up and then his coughing began.. the mother next to me looked at talon like he was some kind of disease and covered her child more and moved a different seat. but what really grinded my gear was the next mom. you could tell she was a total health freak and was very controlling. she had two kids one little boy and a baby girl who was walking around and smiling. she had noticed talon and began walking closer to him and so did the little boy and talon started to get excited. he was smiling and kicking and even started to coo but once that cough happened she yanked both of her kids and whispered don’t go near that baby and told them to stay far away as possible. at this time i really wanted to get up and smack the lady since she judged a book by its covered and just assumed he was sick. but if she really knew talon had just finish eating while at the other dr. and each time that talon eats he has a reflux which usually means for about 15-30 min. he’s usually coughing and sometimes he’s puking a bunch of mucus out. which he now takes medicine for that and if it doesn’t change by the time of his six month check up he will be seeing yet another specialist. to me my little talon is completely normal. i mean when i sit in a sitting room i’m not all oh my lets keep talon away from everyone due to the fact he has a weak immune system. i rather let talon look at things or other babies because he’s starting to try to interact more with them. when with family like his great grandma he talks nonstop. idk how he can coo so much i mean all he does is eat sleep and poop but hey he’s getting there. he’s starting to hold his head up more and now he’s doing this let everyone see my feet. in any new update talon is now 12 pounds he’s eating as much as 3-5 oz every 3-4 hours. he’s getting more head control and starting to be a little more active lately. which makes me a little more happy as well.

show my feet!

show my feet!


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  1. Shirley Bidnick says:

    I enjoy the frank honesty of your posts. It is great to get a photo. Talon is adorable. The coughing is tricky. Rochelle can bring the house down with a coughing spell. I cover her mouth and try to explain she doesn’t have an infection. I like to put the germaphobes at ease, because I am one myself. I hope the reflux settles down. Rochelle has hypotonia and respiratory problems. When food doesn’t go down right, she coughs and sputters until it comes up. With WHS, it is seldom simply one problem. It is usually more complicated. Keep up your good parenting. It is challenging, but you can do it. You’re no sissy!

  2. Amanda says:

    hehe thank you for liking my honesty and talon says thank you for liking how cute he is. i do try to tell people that he’s not sick that he has this and when he eats this happens but some people are extremely rude though like that they dont understand or want to. especially those that think their child is better.

  3. tawanrat says:

    how old is he?
    your son looklike my little girl so much.
    pls.mail to me at ton_pahn@hotmail.com

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