And so it begins! Our 3rd annual Halloween Costume event is officially launched!

From day 1, this event has been about sharing our kids to the world in a time of joy for our families and for the kids. Let’s give a hand to all 52 Punkins entered in the 2013 event!
2013 Punkin Patch

As you may already know, ALL of our prizes and gifts are driven entirely by donations. We are able to support Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome awareness because of the kindness and generosity of the community. This event will be no different.

In the past, we’ve given away countless iPads and other gifts to children that received the highest number of votes and also through random drawings. This year, we are going to change it up a bit and really focus in on the “awareness” part of the cause and make an attempt to get every child a prize. Here’s how you can help…

  1. Like us on Facebook! Each day for the next 18 days (starting at midnight tonight!), 3 children will be randomly featured each day on our Wolf-Hirschhorn Awareness Facebook page. Like us to keep up to date on when each child will be showcased. LIKE WHS AWARENESS
  2. Donate on behalf of a child. When you see a child in a costume posted on our Facebook page that you’d like to donate for, comment on the Facebook picture and then click the link to donate! Donations will be used for each child to either buy them a shirt or used for prizes. You can also donate at any time. Make sure to add the name of the child you are donating for in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTION TO SELLER AREA AT CHECKOUT:
    Make a Donation
  3. Buy a cool Wolf-Hirschhorn Shirt! Buy one for yourself (see the picture below) or for a child at any time. All proceeds will be used for prizes and gifts. The more we sell, the more gifts we have! Our goal is to sell 200 shirts during this event, so buy away!

    Buy a Shirt Button

Then what? When all kids have been posted and the t-shirts have been sold, we’ll give away prizes based on the success of the event. Last year, we gave away over $2,000 in prizes! The drawings will be held the first week of December.

2013 WHS Halloween Shirt


2 Responses to 2013 Punkin Patch

  1. Aiga says:

    Hello, my name is Aiga, my little daughter is 7menesi and opened on Wolfhirschorn syndrome, we are living Latvia and the disease has not much I do not know every day I thank God that my young daughter to live, it’s an ordeal.Adria

  2. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Tell us more about you and your daughter. Post a photo if you can. I am sure this syndrome occurs everywhere in the world. It is interesting to hear how individuals with WHS manage in different countries. We care about you.

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