bugShadyn had a rough start but is doing much better now. She is now 19 months old she is 12lbs 5oz. We have a nutritionist that comes once a month to make sure she is still on track with gaining and growing. She gets speech therapy twice a week and pt once a week. We are having her ears re tested (may need hearing aids). She has a nystagmus (eye flutters) mostly when she is tired and looks up. Hoping to correct with glasses. She tires very hard to sit up but has been unsuccessful to date. She loves her walker and has been able to go forward a few times. She rocks her head from side to side alot. We figured out that it is because of her ears. Shadyn had tubes put in her ears in December 2012 and they found granulation tissue in her middle ear which causes dizziness. Since the tissue has been dissolved she is making herself dizzy because it is all she has ever known. She is a fighter and very stubborn. She has been such a blessing. She is the youngest of 5 and gets tons of attention. We love our little Shady bug.


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