Cassidy is going to be 15 month on September 5, 2013. And she can finally sit up!

A few days ago, I was doing my daily exercise and massage routine with her (the way our PT taught me), and then gradually started feeling this gust of frustration and depression blowing upon me, followed by a burst of tears for my little poor Cassie for showing no developmental progress for many months. Then I looked at her and she was grinning at me with her three little teeth that came in two months ago. That made me laugh and I immediately felt better and went back to where I left with the massage. Then I lifted her up from lying into sitting, propped her hands in front of her and let go of her. Usually she would start either getting lower and lower until she can lick her feet or falls on her back where I catch her before she hits the back of her head on the floor. But this time she stayed sitting. I praised her, thinking I need to be ready to catch her here in a second. But she stayed. She stayed forever. She can now sit for a very prolonged time. It is so funny though how she is conscious of sitting, and very cautious to do anything with her hands while sitting. I can tell how much effort and energy she puts into keeping her body straight. Don’t take me wrong though. She can’t really get to sitting herself yet. But she enjoys it. It gives her a new perspective of the things and even me. I can see a perplexed look on her face when she looks straight ย in my face rather than looking up at me from the floor or crib. I also find “boppy” pillow very handy in case she falls. I am so happy for my little angel. I am still amazed by her. I don’t compare her with “normal” babies anymore and don’t dream she will ever catch up. She will do everything in her own time, and I strongly believe in her. I know she WILL crawl, she WILL walk even though some smart@$$ moms tell me “friend’s friends stories” where a very similar baby like Cassie never walked.

Next we are ready to see Cassie crawl and she WILL… (to be continued) ๐Ÿ™‚





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  1. Kristen Faccioli Licari says:

    Congratulations to you and Cassidy Renee! I so identify with the emotional highs and lows of being a WHS parent -the lows we feel from the many ongoing difficulties associated with taking care of them, their developmental lags, etc., and the highs we get from our great love for them, the love they show us and the rest of the world, and their accomplishments when they make them. You are wise to be making a concerted effort not to compare her to other children, especially when it is so hard not to do so, both with “typical” children and with other WHS children, as they are all so different. Our kids are unique and each will follow their own timetable. That’s so easy to forget and so easy to become disheartened by. But it looks like your little lady is doing well! That’s wonderful. One thing I’ve found about having a WHS child is that they never cease to surprise us. And your faith and determination will help her more than you know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Anonymous says:

    Cassidy-Renee is such a sweet baby. She has sparkly eyes and an adorable smile. Sitting at 15 months is fantastic. She seems to be incredibly proud of her accomplishment. I love her little feet. Of course she is going to crawl and walk! Don’t listen to anyone who tells you she won’t. She has potential written all over her.

  3. Shirley Bidnick says:

    Cassidy-Renee is such a sweet baby. She has sparkly eyes and an adorable smile. Sitting at 15months sounds fantastic. Perfect timing! She seems to be incredibly proud of herself. I love her little feet. Of course she is going to crawl and walk! Don’t listen to anyone who tells you she won’t. Children with WHS develop, slowly, at their own pace and are full of surprises. She has potential written on her life. Most importantly she has you, cheering her on.

  4. letty says:

    She is adorable. Congrats to you all on her success. My son, Nathaniel JUST started sitting and he’s 26 months! Some things take a little longer for some children, but all things are possible. I look forward to reading about future accomplishments.

  5. Anitra says:

    She is an absolute doll, Tamara! It does sound like Cassidy Renee and Elsa are on a similar path, development wise, and have much in common. I am so excited to begin following her progress. Watching the development of other kiddos through this amazing website, I can tell you that I now put no boundaries on what Elsa will eventually do or say. Cassidy Renee will do amazing things!

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