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It is official, Nathaniel can sit!!! He’s always made it known that he wants to sit by rocking/doing a sit up and we catch him and hold him to sit. But one night about a week ago, we were watching the original Superman movie in bed and he was trying to sit up so I propped my hand behind him to help him sit. Then, I let go to see what he could do….he sat up for about an hour and a half and was watching the movie! Maybe he wanted to know how to be “SUPER” 😉 The following day, I showed my older kids and officially made it a rule that WE cannot be lazy and lay down and snuggle with him all day-every day. He’s just so little and is still so babyish that even I’m guilty of it…..Oooops 😉 But anyway, He’s a sitter and I’m hoping that within the next few months he’ll either be pulling himself up or even scooting around the house. After all, I am expecting another boy 11/21/13. This wasn’t even a glimmer of a thought. It was so weird also because I had just been talking to his therapists and saying how he’s not around other babies and began the process for enrolling him into early-head start. And all along, I was already pregnant. We did everything possible to prevent this from happening. For one, Nathaniel is so dependent on me: and secondly, I was done! I honestly think this baby is for Nathaniel. I say it’s his baby. I think this baby is going to give him the motivation he needs. There were some issues in the beginning of this pregnancy. I found out at 9 weeks that this new one had a cystic hygroma (fluid at the base of the neck) and that it probably wouldn’t make it. We followed up 2 weeks later and it was almost gone. Mind you, I had already prepared myself for the worst. The chances of the hygroma being gone was slim. In that 2 week time frame, we had seen Nathaniel’s geneticist to find out the odds of having another child with WHS. Nathaniel’s case was “just because” and very unlikely to happen again. We also had some labwork done to check for Down’s, Edward’s, Turner’s and a few other syndromes and so far all has come back negative. The specialist thinks the hygroma may have been “just because” also, but so far, everything has been normal. I’ll be going to see a cardiologist to have an echo done on the baby just to make sure everything is coming along ok. I can only hope and pray that things will be “normal” but if this one does have WHS, it would not be the end of the world. At least having had Nathaniel and going through my experiences with him, I’ll know what to expect. AND I’ll know that he has a buddy and partner for life…….aside from me 😉


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  1. shirley bidnick says:

    This video is better than the Superman Movie. The musical score and audience participation is unparalleled. Nathaniel is a super hero. He is using his Herclulean powers to sit up. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope all goes well, and you and baby are healthy. You have an amazing attitude, and family.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Congratulations on sitting! We just learnt how to sit up too :). Have you tried a boppy pillow to put behind him. You don’t have to worry about his falling and hurting himself. I find this pillow very helpful with Cassidy

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