taylorsewcute 166taylorsewcute 076It’s been a while since I’ve wrote in about Taylor. So much has happened until I know I can’t put everything into words. Taylor has had some major achievements. Last school year I had a meeting with Taylor’s school requesting that they allow Taylor to go into a regular Pre-K classroom for atleast an hour a couple of days a week. Taylor done so well with the other kids in a general classroom until we eventually increased her time to two hours three days a week. She exceeded everyone’s expectations. She learned to follow classroom rules and played so well with the other children. The kids were all so welcoming to Taylor and loved her just as much as she loved them. She had some great teachers! This school year Taylor will be going to a regular Pre-K classroom all day. We are so excited to see how well she does and I can’t wait to see what she is going to learn this year out of the class. I saw great improvement in Taylor’s speech and communication skills. Taylor can say lots and lots of words. She has several three word sentences that she can say and can just about understand everything you are saying to her. She follows commands, loves to help clean and help with laundry. She can load and unload the dishwasher. She knows exactly where to put what dishes. She can turn the TV on and flip through the channels. She loves music and can sing along to parts of different songs. There is just so much she can do until it would take me forever to type everything. One of the biggest things we are so happy to announce is Taylor is potty trained. This took a lot of hard work but it was so worth it. I will never ever give up on Taylor and I will continue to do everything I can to help Taylor get where she needs to be. I want her to have as much independence as she can. I give all the glory to God for all the achievements that Taylor has made. She and our family is so blessed and thankful!


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  1. Laurie says:

    Those are incredible achievements! Can I ask–how old is Taylor? She is a beauty, and I wish her continued growth and success in the coming school year!

  2. taylorbug says:

    Thank you so much Laurie. Taylor is 5 years old now and will be turning 6 years old in November.

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