Elsa is officially a big sister! On June 22, 2013, we welcomed little sis Cecilia to the family. Elsa was a little skeptical at first…


And gave her a few sideways glances…


But she’s coming around…


The little ladies are almost exactly 18 months apart. Right around the time that Cecilia joined the family, Elsa made three important strides as a one-and-a-half year old:

1. Started sitting up on her own, a huge step forward. So excited for her to have this new vantage point on the world.

2. Transitioned to an entirely Pediasure diet, which skyrocketed her weight to the 38th percentile on the World Health Org chart.

3. Received her fancy-schmancy chair from Early Intervention, allowing her to be right up there with us at meal time and help mommy and daddy when their hands are a little full.

A few other notes, regarding the sisters:

We didn’t do any genetic testing during our pregnancy with Cecilia, though doctors asked on multiple occasions if we wanted to. We weren’t carriers of the gene for WHS, so the chances of Cecilia having it were slim, but it wouldn’t have made any difference to us either way. If there is one thing that this journey has taught us, it’s that God knows our hearts and exactly what our family’s composition is to be, and we will continue to welcome with open arms all children that we’re blessed enough to conceive.

Cecilia doesn’t have WHS, and as Elsa was our first born, we’re learning a lot of new things this time around. Elsa taught us so much about patience and love and fortitude and resolve. There will naturally be lots of lessons this time too. Different, but important. These little ones sure do help us grow as people. My oh my, bet my mom will enjoy reading that last sentence!


9 Responses to Elsa: Big Sister

  1. shirley bidnick says:

    Congratulations on new baby sister Cecilia. You certainly captured Elsa’s emotional responses to her sibling in the photos, I respect your decision not to have genetic testing done during your pregnancy, and to share that with others. It makes a bold statement about the equal value of individuals who are genetically different. Your attitude is as beautiful as your two little girls.

  2. jerri says:

    beautiful thanks for posting!x

  3. Kristen Faccioli Licari says:

    I love Elsa’s facial expressions in those photos. So funny and also very sweet. She reminds me a lot of what our little Emily might look like when she’s older. Congratulations on her accomplishments, by the way! She will make a great big sister! So much to be happy about. 🙂

  4. Kristy says:

    Congratulations!!! Your children are beautiful! Enjoy every moment with your two girls!

  5. Kristen Faccioli Licari says:

    Although our little Emily is only 5 months old, we also have her enrolled in Early Intervention for Feeding & Speech/Vocalization, ED, and PT, and I did not know that EI provided equipment like special chairs, etc. – what state do you live in? How did you get it?

  6. Anitra says:

    Thanks for all the support and well wishes everyone! Kristen, I live in Illinois. EI will often cover a lot of things. In addition to Elsa’s chair, we have just been approved for orthotics for her shoes/feet and a Z-vibe for feeding. EI also covered Elsa’s hearing aids. NOTE: They did NOT cover her loaner pair of hearing aids. Make sure and confirm what is and isn’t covered in advance to avoid insurance battles! We’re in the middle of one. Your Emily is gorgeous by the way!

  7. letty says:

    Those are really cute photos. Nathaniel will be a big brother in November. I am a bit worried because he is 100% dependent on me and can barely sit without assistance. Then to have to care for another baby. I’m looking forward to your future posts to see how you juggle things. I know things will “work themselves out” but I am still a bit scared.

  8. Kristen Faccioli Licari says:

    I am in a similar situation as you guys (and Heather, as well), only mine is the opposite – my non-WHS son William will be 2 in October and then I had my Emily (WHS) in March, so I have a very, very active almost 2 year old and an adorable but very, very needy 5 month old. I’m not going to sugar coat things….it’s very, very hard and unbelievably time consuming. But you develop a routine as things go along. People keep telling me it eventually gets easier….I’d just like to know when! Haha

  9. Jennifer Freeman says:

    Those are 2 adorable girls with 2 wonderful parents! It is great to hear about Elsa’s progress!

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