Long time since i last posted……..

Grace has a new baby sister born December 2012… her name is rose and her and grace are the best of friends……

We have seen a big change in Grace since we bought Rose home.. within a week of rose being home Grace learnt to sit unaided which is such a massive achievement.. clap her hands which her daddy taught her and bash 2 toys together!!!!! Really amazing stuff! So proud of her.. it has been a sense of relief for us as she has learnt to do other things that she can now occupy herself which makes her enjoy life a bit more. They are real milestones that mean that she is progressing just at her own pace which are pleased about… maybe she saw rose as competition.

The winter months have been really long Grace seems to have a constant cold which keeps coming back her eating has gone gone hill we spend alot of time feeding her and entertaining her at meal times to prevent her from gagging… Grace will eat something if she really likes it could be mashed pasta which is like concrete yet she could easily gag on mashed banana.. very strange the way she decides if she will put the effort in to chew food although she has no problem eating chocolate cake and custard!!!

Grace is 21 months now and still  unable to communicate… i have started signing with her but she does not yet understand.. i see her frustration when she is trying to tell us something we spend most the time guessing what she wants but we shall keep trying and pushing … it is very hard to watch your child try so hard to communicate and yet still so unable. I am hoping Grace will go to nursery in September and i feel this will help her more to progress.


I must admit that since having Rose i have realised how much work we have put in with Grace the patience, the tears.. the stress.. the hospital appointments… constant battles to get her things she needs like a special chair.. battle battle battle feeding.. sleeping.. constant worry of weight gain…. Rose is so different so easy no stress as they say thriving….

Grace is thriving in her own way .. she has shown us that life is full of wonderful things enjoying the small things in life.. taking a moment just to stand still in time.. Grace shows us so much love in her own little way her smile the cheeky grin the way she wants to play and cuddle Rose,..  Grace really is amazing in lots of ways… although she has her disability she is just Grace.. we enjoy her for who she is.

I know this is such a long journey and we are only at the beginning and although we still have bad days we are a family and we pull through and keep going… slowly we are accepting that our lives at times will be tough but we have a special little girl who keep showing us unconditional love and it makes it so worth while……..

have added a few pics of girls x




photo sisterly love x 009 the bratlings x 056 the bratlings x 002


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  1. heather18 says:

    This is all so good to hear! We have a little one coming in two months or less! And I’m of course nervous about how we’ll handle it all, but you are telling me exactly what I hope for us. Glad to hear so much is going well. Sounds like our two girls will be roughly the same age. Let’s link up on facebook or otherwise if we can.

  2. heather18 says:

    Er, I mean our FOUR girls! 😉

  3. shirley bidnick says:

    Congratulations on your new baby girl. You gave your beautiful girls two of the loveliest names in the world, Grace and Rose. Rochelle has been my Rosé Bud, and Rosie. Grace looks so bright and alert, as though she is taking her big sister role very seriously.

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