Hey everyone,
In light of some really great posts about the milestones our kids are reaching and when, I posted this on my blog. If you want to scroll past the reflection and just get to the milestones, you’ll see a list of what Fiona does at 18 months.



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  1. Ross says:

    Beautifully written post, Heather. I feel like I can relate to almost everything you said – it sounds like Fiona and Mia have a lot in common. Thanks so much for sharing, I’ve added your blog to my ‘follow’ list and look forward to hearing how Fiona surprises everyone with what she CAN do. I hope you and your family have a fantastic Christmas and a happy, healthy 2013.

  2. heather18 says:

    Thanks, Ross. I love following up with Mia because she reminds me so much of Fiona, just 5 months older. It does seem like our little girls have a lot in common. Hopefully we can meet up sometime! My husband once spent a summer working on a Christmas tree farm north of Glasgow, where he regularly did battle with the midges. He used to play the pipes, before Fiona. You can e-mail me at heatherkirn@yahoo.com

  3. shirley bidnick says:

    Congratulations on the birth of your new baby girl Petra. I went to your blog and read Fiona’s whole story. You are a thinker and captivating writer. Your faith, knowledge, gifts and great love for your daughters resonates with me on on many levels, even though I can’t state it as eloquently.

    Rochelle has been my spiritual journey. I was a believer from childhood. I became a born again Follower of Jesus at age 26. It all felt empty until Rochelle. She was my real yes in response to God. I didn’t see Rochelle as a ticket to a deeper spiritual life. It took many years of all consuming struggles and then the opportunity to gratefully reflect on how God used her to change and shape the direction of my life. You have the ability to care for Fiona and Petra, and think and write at the same time. I appreciate your multitasking. I am more limited.

    Fiona reminds me of Rochelle in many ways. I lived in constant fear that she would die. I need to trust God for her life daily. He has been very Good to us. When she was young, we also spent too many weekends and holidays in the ER or hospital. The big difference between Rochelle and Fiona is the world has changed. It is becoming more willing to accommodate children with special needs. It gives me tremendous hope. I eagerly anticipate the day when a child with WHS is as desirable as the future Gold Olympian, or Nobel Prize Recipient. That is just the kind of upside down world Christ came to create.

  4. Heather18 says:

    “That is just the kind of upside down world Christ came to create.” What a wonderful quote. Thank you, Shirley.

    I really look forward to hearing more about Rochelle’s journey. Are you on facebook? There is a WHS families group that is quote active and helpful there.

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