Tyler is now 19 months old and doing great! He just got a g-tube and is finally gaining weight and has more energy.  He loves music therapy and being snuggled.  He is sitting up without assistance and bearing weight on his legs.  We hope to be crawling by Christmas 🙂 He is happy little guy and loved being dressed in his cozy lemur costume.


2 Responses to Little Lemur Tyler

  1. Simon Leon says:

    Tyler is such a cute little boy. I just love the pictures of him. They make me smile.

    We Love You,
    Great Uncle Jay

  2. Heather (Frankie's mom) says:

    I just love this guy!! So stinkin cute! He looks so strong sitting up like that. And I don’t think I’ve ever seen a lemur costume before. It looks cute AND warm.

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